Construction Site Services – Roll Off Drop Box Dimensions, Guidelines, Rates

Please note that all box dimensions are approximate and could be somewhat different in length and height because of the variety of manufactures.

20 Cubic Yard – 16’ X 8’ X 4.5’, 30 Cubic Yard – 18’ X 8 X 5.5’, 40 Cubic Yard–22’ X 8 X 6.5’

20 Cubic Yard Trash Drop Box + Disposal (10 ton maximum)
$176.39 + $82.20 / ton
30 Cubic Yard Trash Drop Box + Disposal (10 ton maximum)
$211.36 + $82.20 / ton
40 Cubic Yard Trash Drop Box + Disposal (10 ton maximum)
$246.92 + $82.20 / ton
20 Cubic Yard Drop Box Clean Yard Waste + Disposal (10 ton max)
$176.39 + $40.20 / ton
30 Cubic Yard Drop Box Clean Yard Waste + Disposal (10 ton max)
$211.63 + $40.20 / ton
40 Cubic Yard Drop Box Clean Yard Waste + Disposal (10 ton max) 
$246.92 + $40.20 / ton
Other Rates Available For Other Materials
Please Call For Specifics


Thank you for ordering a Drop Box from Tri- Cities Disposal Service.  Please read the guidelines below so that you understand how to properly use your container. 


  1. Plan ahead and order your box early.  Boxes are only delivered and emptied on certain days of the week.
  2. Please load box evenly. Drop boxes cannot be loaded above the top rail of the container. Drop boxes loaded over 10 tons (20,000 lbs.) cannot be hauled and must be unloaded by customer.
  3. Dirt and concrete are dense and heavy. ¼ to ½ full boxes can exceed the 10 ton maximum limit.
  4. Problem waste, mattresses, tires, tree stumps, and some appliances, have additional charges assessed to them. These fees will be charged to the customer.
  5. No E-wastes are allowed in the dumpster. Examples: electronics, TVs, Computers, Cell Phone, Fluorescent lights, and batteries.
  6. Clearance of 22 feet overhead and 30 feet in front of box is required.
  7. Additional charges may apply if box is improperly loaded (overweight or over the top rail) or if relocation or if additional days are needed before container is to be emptied.
  8. If customer decides to keep the box after it is loaded on the truck, the box will be dumped and returned to the customer (if box is not already rented by another customer). This will count as another box and be charged at the rate described in the top section.
  9. Exact times of placement or removal are not available.
  10. All boxes rent for seven days unless otherwise agreed upon by the customer and Tri-Cities Disposal and Recycling.
  11. Warning: Driveways can be scratched, cracked or broken under weight of truck when boxes are placed or removed. Severely overweight boxes may sink into the driveway. Customers must ensure that private property can withstand the weight of the truck (30,200 lbs.) plus the weight of the filled box. Tri-Cities Disposal and Recycling is not responsible for damage caused to the driveway.
  12. If a drop box for clean yard/green waste, dirt, or concrete is rejected by the landfill, the normal garbage rates (listed above) apply. Note: Please call if you have questions about contaminates. (Mixed materials will be charged at the trash rate.)
  13. Concrete boxes containing rebar or with large pieces of concrete may be charged additional fees.